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All About University Life Which They Do Not Tell You | Truths About University Life Every Applicant Should Know

As the excitement of high school graduation fades, the daunting reality of college life sets in. There is a lot you will not find in your university brochures. When you will embark on your university adventures you will feel a mix of anticipation, anxiety as well as excitement. There are a lot of things that you should know before you step into your university life. 

Do not take everything to university

Universities employ some of the great photographers which makes the halls large and spacious. However, you might not find so much space to keep all your things over here. It is best to take only the essentials and stock up as you go. You can find yourself sharing the kitchen things with the flatmates and you will accumulate a lot of things at your student apartments by the end of the year. 

Fresher flu will get you

The only thing that is scarier than writing essays and assignments is the flu. Fresher’s flu will provide you with a false sense of security. One minute you are absolutely fine and you think that week of partying, eating, and drinking too much passed you by without any consequences. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. Whether it is tonsillitis, a bad common cold, or any other flu, you will have to hold yourself strong. If it is too late for you and you already have fresher flu, try not to panic.

Time management is key

time management 2

The university coursework can be really demanding and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the workload. That is why it is really important to manage your time. You can learn to prioritize activities, set different tasks, and also keep to a plan which is important for academic success. Time management skills can also serve you well when you graduate from your university. You can create a Gant Charge which will help you manage your university assignments with dates and deadlines that are defined in one place. It is a really useful resource which you can rely on. Add it to your wall or wardrobe, to keep all the dates in hand. 

Financial Realities

University life is generally synonymous with newfound independence but it is also when different students come face-to-face with financial realities. From tuition fees as well as living expenses to unexpected costs, budgeting is an important skill. One of the best advices is to create a budget and stick to it. You can explore different scholarships and part-time jobs to ease all the financial strain. You will find some jobs which you can pursue from the comfort of your off-campus student accommodation. 

Mental health is really essential 

University can be really stressful. It is really significant to give importance to your mental health. Many resources such as counselling services as well as wellness programs are available on campus to assist students in dealing with stress as well as anxiety. If you want assistance, then don’t hesitate to ask. If you are experiencing mental health concerns, then it is really important for you to speak out. The support over here is excellent and the mental health support team is composed of fellow university students which makes asking for help far less intimidating as you can confide in people who experience similar issues. 


Homesickness can really hit you really hard when you are in a new city. Whether you are a few hour’s drive away or a continent away, missing family and friends back in your home country is a universal experience. You need to embrace this feeling as a part of the journey and use it as a motivation to cherish your relations. It is best to not isolate yourself and make new friends at the university. 

Balancing studies and social life 

Once you are over homesickness, you need to learn to study and manage your social life in a balanced way. Balancing your academic as well as your social life is an ongoing struggle. You will likely find yourself stuck in different directions. You have to complete your assignments on time, study for your exams or attend social events with your friends. The only way to enjoy everything is by managing your time. You can easily create a study schedule and allocate specific time for all the social activities. Paste your schedule on the walls of your furnished student housing. This way you can manage everything to the best. 

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Sharon Anderson
Hi, I am Sharon, working as a Marketing Associate. We offer a variety of off-campus student housing, studios, & shared apartments. So, plan your budget and book the right student accommodation for yourself.

Sharon Anderson

Hi, I am Sharon, working as a Marketing Associate. We offer a variety of off-campus student housing, studios, & shared apartments. So, plan your budget and book the right student accommodation for yourself.

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