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student accommodation in Plymouth

One of the most affordable places in the UK for a student to live is Plymouth, which is located in Devon in South West England. When rental expenses are excluded, the cost is about 26% less than in London. There are lots of reasonably priced student housing, cafes, restaurants, and bars where you may hang out with friends. Additionally, student nights with inexpensive beverages will be available to you to assist you save money on entertainment and going out. 

Student life in Plymouth

Known as the “Ocean City” of England, Plymouth is a port city in Devon, southwest of the country. It is a stunning city with clean sea air to call home, and it is well known for its maritime past. Because of Plymouth’s proximity to the water, visitors from all over the county come to enjoy its variety of water activities.

With a friendly campus community, top-notch academic offerings at the University of Plymouth, Student Accommodation Plymouth and a bustling, fun city to call home during your time in college, Plymouth is a haven for students. There are a tonne of sights to see and activities in the city.

How much is student accommodation in Plymouth?

In comparison to many other university towns and cities, student housing in Plymouth is reasonably priced. Uni-managed residence halls at the University of Plymouth are widely available, with prices as low as £128.50 a week for a single bed and shared bathroom. The cost rises for each choice up to £203 per week for a double bedroom with an ensuite.

Another option is to rent a private accommodation. The average monthly cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre is £1,000. Alternatively, you might choose to rent a room in a shared home for about £560 a month, which is a more affordable choice.

In some cases, the rent may be due for the whole 52-week academic year; however, most university residence halls only collect rent for the 44-week academic year. In addition to your rent, you’ll likely need to pay utility costs for things like gas, electricity, water, and internet if you live in a privately rented home. 

Is Plymouth a good place for international students?

Living in Plymouth means appreciating the city’s laid-back waterfront charm and marine past. With stunning beaches and national parks right outside your door, this energetic city in the South West truly has it all in terms of lifestyle. Excellent shopping, top-notch universities, and a bustling cultural scene are concentrated around the waterfront, where you can’t resist indulging in freshly caught seafood or sipping a cool drink while taking in the scenery.

Many students find Plymouth to be ideal because of its laid-back vibe and reasonably priced Student Apartments Plymouth. Add to its attraction are its excellent schools for all ages, strong feeling of community, and outstanding safety.

Is Plymouth UK expensive to live?

For individuals on a budget who wish to see the city, beaches, and countryside, Plymouth is a great option due to its reasonably priced cost of living. According to recent rankings, Plymouth is among the most affordable locations for students to live in the UK, coming in at number seven. 

While housing will probably be the biggest price for students, choosing residence halls run by the university can save money because many of them are close to the city centre and university facilities and include utilities, internet access, and possessions insurance. There are options to suit every budget and a wide range of alternatives.

Because of the UK’s many top-tier colleges and student-friendly locations, international students frequently decide to study there. 15% of the University of Plymouth’s student body are international, and the university guarantees to provide the same to them.

Locations that are great for students

Greenbank is regarded as Plymouth’s greatest neighbourhood for student housing. Here are some of the top homes for student housing that you may check out. These homes guarantee that students have an enjoyable stay in the city by providing them with the best amenities.

Student Rent

There are ups and downs in life for students studying abroad, but our goal is to make the process a little bit simpler. With prices ranging from £79 to £260 per week, you can find Best Plymouth student accommodation options that offer the best amenities at reasonable prices.

Acceptance Rate at the University of Plymouth 

The acceptance percentage is 85%, meaning that 85 applications out of 100 are approved. This indicates that getting into the University of Plymouth is simple.

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