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Some of the most popular places in Colchester, United Kingdom where students like to live.

student accommodation in Colchester

Colchester is a city in the county of Essex in England and is one of the cities chosen by international students for their higher studies in Colchester. The primary campus of the University of Essex is located in Colchester, which is one of the universities in the United Kingdom where students from across the globe get higher education. Colchester Sixth Form College and Colchester Institute are two more institutes in this city where domestic and international students get an education.

When international students enroll in or visit Colchester, their first requirement happens to be accommodation. So, a prevalent question in front of many individuals is where students live in Colchester. It is because most students like to stay in the company of other students.

Here, you will read about some of the places where students live in Colchester, UK.

Haven Road

Students often prefer Haven Road because of its proximity to the University of Essex. This residential area is located merely a stone’s throw from the campus blending shared houses and private purpose-built student accommodation providing homes here. The students who live around here have easy access to the campus facilities and nearby amenities including shops, eateries, and recreational spaces.

The popular student housing property named “The Maltings” is located on this road.

Avon Way

Another popular area among students is Avon Way which falls within walking distance of both the university and town center. This quiet residential area offers a variety of housing options from intimate apartments to large spaces that can be shared by other students. Avon Way ensures comfortable living for students who visit Colchester to achieve their studies with good transport links and many amenities nearby.

“Avon Way House” is an ideal student housing property that you can find on Avon Way.

Hawkins Road

Hawkins Road has gained popularity due to its lively student community and low-cost accommodation. Located conveniently near the university, this area has multiple student housing complexes. Hawkins Road provides a vibrant environment as well as a convenient location so many students who want to combine studies with entertainment choose it. Furthermore, the area is further enhanced with local amenities and recreation facilities.

Enso is one of the ideal properties on this road for individuals who are looking for student accommodation in Colchester UK. Another major property here is “Hythe Mills”.

Magdalen Street

Students in Magdalen Street enjoy a combination of the appeal to history and up-to-date living. In the center of town, this part is scattered with period properties and modern flats that offer student accommodation. Magdalen Street residents enjoy a good transportation network, convenient shopping malls as well access to cultural and recreational sites. The lively street life and the busy environment make it a great place to live for students at school in Colchester.

27 Magdalen Street is the student housing property here.

Elmstead Road

Elmstead Road is located in a quiet and leafy residential area, which features multiple types of housing possibilities from detached houses to purpose-built student residences. While quiet, this area is conveniently situated near the university campus and local facilities for a serene environment with quick access to necessary services.

This road is very close to the University of Essex and the commuting time is hardly 5 minutes on foot. “Elmstead Place” is a popular student housing property here.

Near the University of Essex

Besides individual streets, most students prefer to stay around the University of Essex due to its location near major student areas. Students prefer to live in the residential areas that are located near walking/cycling distance from campus because it simplifies the accessibility of lectures, libraries, and other learning resources. All in all, the student-centered nature of amenities and recreational opportunities available within these districts makes living there even more enjoyable for students in Colchester.

The places mentioned above are also near the University of Essex. The student housing property named “Elmstead Place” located on Elmstead Road is just within 4 minutes of walking distance from the university. Except for Magdalen Street, you can reach the university from other aforementioned places also from 15 to 30 minutes on foot and 2 to 7 minutes by driving. Magdalen Street is within 48-minutes’ walking distance and 11-minutes’ driving distance.

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