Preparing for Naples: Frequently Asked Questions Students Have Before Moving to the Vibrant City in Italy

Naples is one of the most renowned cities in Italy. Those who have studied the Shakespearean literature must have known the name of Naples. The famous play by William Shakespeare named “The Tempest” has the mention of this popular city. Today also, this city is famous for different reasons one of which is higher education. Many international students like to visit Naples to get university education.

But, quite obviously, like any other city, students ask some questions before moving to Naples. Here, you will read some of those questions along with their brief answers.

What are the main universities in Naples, and what are their reputations?

Naples has numerous educational institutes among which the most notable one is the University of Naples Federico II. The University of Naples Federico II is the oldest state university in the world and was founded in 1224 by Fredrick II, the famous king. Naples also hosts a modern university named the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, which was founded in 1991.

In the QS World Ranking 2024, the University of Naples Federico II has been ranked #335. On the other hand, “U.S. News & World Report” ranked the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli #554 among the Best Global Universities. The universities are ranked according to their performances so both the universities have excellent reputations in the world.

Other prominent universities in Naples are Parthenope University of Naples, Istituto Universitario Suor Orsola Benincasa, and Theological Seminary of Southern Italy. These universities are also chosen by some overseas students for their higher education.

Naples city in Italy
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What are the best neighborhoods for students in Naples?

Some best neighborhoods in Naples to live in are Centro Storico, Quartieri Spagnoli, Vomero, Santa Lucia, Chiaia, and La Sanità. These neighborhoods are known for different aspects. For example, Santa Lucia is the best for the seafront experience. On the other hand, Chiaia is the best for shopping, drinking, and dining. Similarly, all the neighborhoods have their own specialties.

Besides, the places near universities in Naples are also considered good for the stay of students.

What are the accommodation types and how much does accommodation cost in Naples?

For student accommodation Naples, private apartments and homestays are widely popular nowadays. You can book an apartment or an apartment room from €1,500 to €5,000 per month. The homestays are available from €28/night to €90/night. On a weekly basis, homestays can be rented from €140 to €550 per week.

Is it difficult to find accommodation close to universities or colleges?

No, it is not difficult to find accommodation close to universities or colleges in Naples. In fact, you can find accommodations easily near universities and colleges today with the help of some online student accommodation service platforms. You can even find some apartments within less than 5 minutes or 10 minutes of walking distance from universities/colleges. Online student accommodation service platforms provide accommodations’ details including distances from universities and colleges.

What are the sources to find ideal accommodations in Naples?

Today, online student accommodation service platforms are the perfect sources to find ideal accommodations in Naples. These platforms provide lists of accommodations for students in different cities in the world on their websites. You can visit the webpage dedicated to Naples on such websites to find accommodation listing there.

On these platforms, you can read the details of accommodations including prices, amenities, stay durations, distances (from universities), etc. You also get a filter option on these platforms to filter the lists according to amenities, prices, and some other details. Some accommodation portals also have a comparison option to compare multiple properties on a single webpage.

Some platforms also provide their services through their mobile apps, and you can access the above mentioned features on the apps too.

What are the transportation options available in Naples?

The major transportation options in Naples are metros, funiculars, buses, and trams. All these public transportation options in the city can be covered by the same ticket or travel pass.

What is the cost of living in Naples, including groceries, dining out, and other expenses?

The cost of accommodation is a major aspect of the cost of living in Naples, which has already been mentioned above. In groceries, you can buy regular milk (1 liter), a loaf of fresh white bread (500 grams), rice (1 kg), and local cheese (1 kg) at €1.78, €1.51, €2.42, and €11.86 respectively. In fruits, 1 kg of apples, bananas, and oranges are available at €1.99, €2.04, and €2.49 respectively. For vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, and onions, you need to pay €2.75, €1.43, and €1.46 respectively for 1 kg.

A meal in an inexpensive restaurant can be got at €15 and a meal for two people in a midrange restaurant in Naples can be acquired at €60. You can get McMeal in McDonalds in Naples at €8.

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