Everything You Need to Know About KTM RC 125

The KTM RC 125, part of the Austrian brand’s recently revamped RC series, is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the entry-level sports bike segment. This bike and the new RC 390 have undergone the most significant transformations, making the KTM new model a noteworthy upgrade over its predecessor. Known for its refined engine and superior hardware, the bike has carved a niche for itself in India and other markets, blending performance with a sporty aesthetic.

All-New Design Inspired by MotoGP

The new KTM RC 125 draws heavy inspiration from the KTM RC 16 MotoGP bike, showcasing an all-new aggressive and functional design. The most notable change is the replacement of the twin-barrel headlamps with a Duke-inspired pentagonal headlamp, complete with integrated indicators. This modification, while moving away from the sleek fascia of the past models, contributes to an overall more aggressive fairing and an exposed trellis frame at the rear, highlighting the bike’s sporty lineage.

Lightweight and Agile

This KTM new model has seen significant advancements, primarily through its new frame with a bolt-on subframe, which contributes to a 1.5 kg weight reduction. This, along with lighter alloy wheels and brake rotors, diminishes the unsprung mass, translating into a more agile and responsive ride. These changes underscore KTM’s dedication to enhancing performance without compromising on the bike’s intrinsic sporty appeal.

Enhanced Comfort and Range

The KTM RC 125 now boasts a larger 13.7-litre fuel tank, allowing riders to enjoy longer journeys without frequent stops for refuelling. Additionally, the new model features clip-on handlebars with a 10 mm height adjustment, coupled with optimally positioned footpegs. This adjustability ensures riders can find a comfortable stance, blending performance with ergonomics.

Connectivity and Instrumentation

While the Euro-spec RC 125 model embraces a TFT instrument cluster offering smartphone connectivity for music and telephony, the India-spec model is anticipated to maintain a more cost-effective LCD panel. This decision likely aims to keep the price increase minimal while still providing essential readouts for the rider. Despite potential cost-cutting measures like retaining conventional halogen lamps over LED headlamps in the Indian variant, the KTM RC 125 does not skimp on technological advancements.

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Power and Performance

The bike boasts a 124.7 cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine, delivering 14.3 bhp and 12 Nm of torque, paired with a six-speed gearbox. KTM has fine-tuned the suspension setup to offer a sportier ride while maintaining comfort. The updated braking hardware, featuring a 320 mm front disc and a 230 mm rear disc brake, ensures robust stopping power, an upgrade over the previous model’s setup. While the Europe-spec model features switchable dual-channel ABS, the India-spec is expected to continue with single-channel ABS to maintain a competitive price point.


The latest KTM RC 125, a key player in the KTM new model lineup, is not just another entry-level sports bike. It’s a statement of KTM’s prowess in engineering bikes that offer a perfect blend of performance, design, and technology. Despite being positioned as an entry-level model, the RC 125 benefits from high-end features and modifications that promise an exhilarating ride. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the open road, this amazing bike is equipped to deliver a riding experience that resonates with the spirit of MotoGP, making it a compelling choice for enthusiasts seeking a sporty, agile, and technologically advanced bike.

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