Post-Study Work Visa Requirements for Students for students going to study in Berlin.

Berlin is the largest city and the capital of Germany, standing as one of the world’s historically significant urban centers. The city attracts numerous tourists from throughout the world. Additionally, it is an alluring city for international students and job seekers. Many students visit Berlin for higher education, and after that, some of them like to work here.

But, to work in Berlin, a student needs a post-study work visa. To get this visa, students need to fulfill some major requirements. Here, you will read about post-study work visa requirements for students in Berlin, which will help you plan to work in Berlin after completing your studies in that city. These are the requirements you need to fulfill for post-study work in Germany, which are also applicable to work in Berlin.

Documents Required

You need to have some documents to get a post-study work visa in Berlin or any city in Germany. Below is a list of documents you essentially need to submit to apply for a work visa.

  • Two completed as well as printed application forms for Post Study Work Permit.
  • Your two current passport-size photographs.
  • Valid national passport having a minimum of 6 months of validity remaining beyond your application date.
  • Residence proof.
  • Contract of Employment: You will require a written job offer from a German employer, detailing the position, salary, and duration of the contract.
  • Proof of qualification: You must furnish evidence of your qualifications, such as your degree certificate or transcript, confirming the completion of your studies in Germany.
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Cover Letter explaining your reasons for seeking a Post-Study Work Permit.
  • Document verifying a clean criminal record.
  • Visa Fee payment receipt.
  • Health insurance: You must possess valid health insurance coverage in Germany.
  • Financial means: You need to demonstrate sufficient funds to support yourself during your job search, which can be evidenced through bank statements or a letter from your sponsor.

Application Process

The application process for visa application in Germany is easier compared to other European countries. The application fee you need to pay may be approximately €75. To begin the application process, the two things that should be in place are an updated resume and a cover letter.

In the cover letter, the aspects that should be covered are the purpose of writing of letter (here, you need to write “to apply for a post-study work permit”), relevant work experience in Germany or any other country, reasons why you want to work in Germany, skills in German and other languages, and how you can contribute to the German workforce.

PSWV rules in Germany
Post Study Work Visa Requirements for Students in Berlin

If you have your resume and cover letter in place, you need to follow some steps. First, you are required to receive an appointment letter for a job from a German company. After that, you have to select the type as well as the category you need according to your job. Then, visit the websites of the German Immigration Department, and find out where and how you can submit your visa application form as well as your documents. While following the instructions on that website, you should keep all the required documents handy for the submission.

Thereafter, you are required to schedule an appointment at the Immigration office/embassy. Paying the required visa cost for the work visa is the next step. In the final step, you will have to appear for the interview that is scheduled by them and wait for their response.

All the documents are required to be submitted in person at the immigration office/embassy. After submission of all the documents, the application is forwarded to the Aliens’ Authority, a government agency or department in Germany responsible for handling matters related to foreigners or non-citizens in Germany.

Processing Time

It can be expected to obtain permits for residence (other than student accommodation Berlin), within 1-3 months, if the entire process has been followed and all the documents have been submitted accurately. After a processing period of 1-3 months, if the Aliens’ Authority approves the application, a residence permit will be issued by the embassy or consulate in the form of a visa.


In general, you will get the authorization to work and stay in Germany for 18 months with a work permit.

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