Which type of student accommodations is best and affordable for International students in Australia?

Decisions cannot happen until you have a full background on student accommodation in Melbourne.

Today, everything is searchable on the internet, but if you are not well-equipped with the best and right information, you can end up making the wrong decision. Sometimes, having the resources is good, but how you go about it is a big question among students. That’s why this is the most popular topic asked by students. Gone are the days when students panicked about getting an accommodation since there used to be only on-campus accommodation. 

Off-campus student accommodation is one of the most popular and trendy types among students. There are many reasons why students seek to stay in off-campus accommodations rather than university residences.

If you want student accommodation in Melbourne, you should see the reasons why all the students have options for off-campus stay.

More options

There’s student housing that offers student rooms like studios, suites, and en-suites. You have the option to choose a private or shared living space. Whatever the choice may be, they come in nicely furnished and equipped with top and modern amenities in the house.

Then, you have the private apartment option too. In this type of accommodation, you can select a single, double, triple occupancy, and so on.

Facilities and services

When it comes to amenities, there’s no other type of accommodation that makes life so comfortable as the ones provided by these places. Because the accommodations are designed just for students, they have been equipped with these facilities to simplify the living conditions of the students. 


As mentioned above, they are built for the students, that’s why the name PBSA. When these were made, the budget and comfort of the students were kept in mind. Money is always a big stand in wanting to study abroad. And with such places, it encourages students from across the world to study in Melbourne. They are affordable, and especially with shared accommodation, it is more cost-efficient!

Freedom and privacy

As students, it is understandable that you need freedom and privacy to thrive. The kind of environment you live in can have an impact on your personal as well as your studies. And, like these off-campus housing in Melbourne understand the needs. So, they give students privacy and freedom without restricted rules and regulations. 

Area of the place

If you think the location is a drawback here, it’s not! Most of the student housing in Melbourne is located in the student villages near universities in Melbourne. They are never too far away from the accommodation. So, you are not really missing out on the location. Most students opt for on-campus only due to the location of the university. But even off campus, they are within the proximity of the universities of Melbourne. 

Holistic and community living

Here, you meet students from across the world. There’s so much community bonding with students from different cultures and backgrounds. So, you get to network, socialize, and learn about each other’s cultures. And, if you feel homesick, they have a community supportive group to help you overcome and support you through such times. 

Safe and reliable 

 Private Student Accommodation in Melbourne offers a secure living environment. The properties are verified and have made the safety and security of students a priority. They ensure the safety measures and equip the place with modern safety equipment to provide a sense of security for students.

Personal space

If you are someone who likes personal space, you can always opt for a private type of room or apartment. They are well furnished with amenities and give you the space that you need for private living. This is available only with student housing in Melbourne. 

Knowing everything about why off-campus is a popular choice among students is great! But here’s something to keep in mind too:

Location of the student housing

This may seem like an obvious point, but most students make hassle decisions and end up taking places that are far from the university. So, bear in mind to look for one that’s close to your university. 

Do not compromise on pricing

Remember to stick to your budget, you do not have to compromise on the price as you can find a beautiful home at a budget-friendly price too. This may happen if you book your accommodation at the last moment. The prices are higher and the quality may be lower. 

Do a house viewing

This will really give you an idea of the place you are about to stay for the whole academic period. So, you can request a physical or virtual house tour and check out if the accommodation is up to your standard. 

Check for the amenities as listed on the website

Whatever you find online, double-check the amenities provided by the accommodation. Also, make sure to inquire about whether it’s included in the rent. It’s always best to do a cross-check and move in with peace of mind.

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