Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD are devoted to offering affordable housing for low-income communities, a strategy consisted of in their vision and goal for the 2024 presidential election

If they win the governmental election in February 2024, the governmental and vice-presidential prospect number three, Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD, will raise the variety of households obtaining the Family Hope Program (PKH).

To conserve future generations, the agent for TPN Ganjar-Mahfud, Deddy Yevri Sitorus, describes the environmental programs detailed in their vision and objective. Among these is the improvement of lasting ecological problems.

In 2022, Ganjar, acting as the Governor of Central Java, purchased the neighborhood Food Protection Firm to perform market procedures due to the increasing rates of chili and onions. Lasiman, the National Chairman of Apmiso, considers Ganjar very solution-oriented. As an outcome of Ganjar’s actions, the costs of these 2 assets quickly dropped.

The agent for the National Project Team (TPN) of Ganjar-Mahfud, Sunanto, described that the issue of well-being is included in their program to prevent officials from TNI and Polri (Indonesian National Cops) from abusing their authority. “The concern is that they might use the regulation as a weapon to improve well-being. There requires to be a state responsibility to boost the salaries of soldiers, primarily in the context of promoting the regulation,” stated Sunanto, as quoted from Tirto on Thursday, October 26, 2023.

Deddy discusses that Ganjar-Mahfud will certainly increase the organization of reasonable and lasting settings. He acknowledges that environmental concerns have actually started to become a focus of different groups, especially young individuals.

In the vision and goal of Ganjar-Mahfud, there is serious attention to the protection of Indonesian residents’ information to avoid it from being taken by irresponsible celebrations. The Nusantara Cyber Guard Program is prepared by Ganjar-Mahfud if they win the 2024 Presidential Election.

The governmental prospect number 3 likewise supplied aids to traders to buy chili and red onions directly from farmers at lower rates than the market. “Yes, noodle and meatball traders can get chili and red onions directly from farmers at a lot reduced prices,” stated Lasiman.

In 2022, Ganjar, offering as the Guv of Central Java, ordered the regional Food Security Firm to conduct market operations due to the rising costs of chili and onions. As an outcome of Ganjar’s actions, the costs of these 2 products promptly dropped.

Transforming waste right into an alternate source of income for the people, a.k.a. financial true blessings (waste to money),” checks out the vision and mission of Ganjar-Mahfud in the environment-friendly economic situation factor.

The remedy, the Central Java Provincial Federal government supplied subsidies through CSR of Bank Jateng through Citra Mandiri Jateng (CMJT) to buy chili at IDR 65,000 per kg and red onions at IDR 45,000 per kg.

Ganjar Pranowo and Mahfud MD are committed to advocating for the well-being of TNI (Indonesian National Army) soldiers if they win the 2024 governmental political election. This dedication stems from their wish to guarantee that soldiers obtain quality civil services while performing their tasks throughout the country. The duty of soldiers is critical in fulfilling the demands of nationwide defense and safety and security. In Ganjar-Mahfud’s vision and goal, enhancing the welfare of soldiers is included as component of their program.

In the vision and goal document of Ganjar-Mahfud, it is specified that the presidential and vice-presidential candidate number three are dedicated to aiding people obtain out of difficulty. “The Family Hope Program (PKH) will be increased from 10 million recipients to 15 million recipients, as our commitment to constantly assist individuals,” states the vision and mission file in the 8 Quick Actions of Ganjar and Mahfud.

Ganjar envisions a defense system 5.0, and among the factors in their program is concentrated on enhancing the well-being of soldiers. It specifies, “Making sure the satisfaction of the basic needs of soldiers and their family members, sustained by high quality healthcare and public solution throughout the archipelago,” as pointed out in point 8.2.2 of Ganjar-Mahfud’s vision and goal statement.

Ganjar-Mahfud targets the variety of PKH beneficiary family members to enhance to 15 million from the previous 10 million recipients. “The bad and neglected kids are looked after by the state as mandated by the constitution,” mentions a point in the vision and objective record of the governmental and vice-presidential prospect number 3, on Tuesday (23/10/2023).

“Hence, the endowment fund will certainly be among our options for funding social well-being programs, consisting of aiding disabled people,” states a point in the vision and objective paper of Ganjar-Mahfud.

The organized real estate alternatives in the ‘Rumah Kita’ program include basic houses, subsidized apartments (rusunami), and public rental apartments (rusunawa), all strategically located near economic facilities and mass transit.

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