How to go to Umrah from USA?

Umrah is the name given to a trip to Mecca that is a brief form of the annual Hajj. Muslims can reaffirm their faith, ask for forgiveness, and offer prayers for their needs during Umrah. It is thought that someone who does this is cleansed of their misdeeds. A Muslim woman is not allowed to go to Saudi Arabia by yourself. They need a male relative who is older than eighteen, or if you are above 45, you should go as a group head or in a group of women who are older than that. Usually traveling by plane, believers who reside outside Saudi Arabia must apply for a unique visa from Umrah travel agency.  

Pilgrims will need proof of vaccination against meningitis and the appropriate documentation to support it. Each applicant requesting an Umrah visa from the United States must do so through a licensed American travel agency; as proof of this, the agency must have a contract in place with a Saudi business.

What paperwork is needed for filing an Umrah visa from the United States?

Before requesting a visa for an Umrah from the USA, the following documents must be submitted:

Return Flight Ticket: It is a non-refundable ticket that takes you back to your home country.

Applicant Photo: A passport-sized, recent color photo of the applicant taken with a white background. No side or twisted images are permitted; therefore, this should display the visa applicant’s entire face facing squarely into the camera.

Financial Status: To demonstrate to the customs representative that you have the funds for your trip, you will need to provide

Hotel Reservations: To grant the visa and provide the agent with the BRN code, they ask that you make your hotel and travel arrangements through websites that have been approved.

Passport of the Applicant: It must be valid for at least six months after the date of application submission.

Travel Authorization: Get a statement or letter from your host outlining the purpose of your trip. Relationship proof: The women and kids should go with the husband, father, or male family member (Mahram). It is necessary to provide proof of partnership, such as a marriage license or a child’s birth certificate with both parents’ names listed. The Mahram would arrive and depart Saudi Arabia on the same flight as his spouse and kids. A woman is permitted to depart without a Mahram if she becomes 45 or older, is traveling with a planned party or family, and presents a written No Objection Certificate (NOC) signed by her Mahram.

Resident Permit: The application needs to be submitted with a current resident permit if the candidate doesn’t belong to the nation from which the request is being made.

Certificate of immunization: Enclose a document attesting to your immunity to meningococcal meningitis. The immunization record, which has a 3-year validity period, needs to have been acquired no later than ten days before reaching Saudi Arabia and no later than three years. Upon admittance into Saudi Arabia, the applicant must have the immunization certificate with them.

Mosque certificate: If an individual’s name is not Arabic, a certificate attesting to their Muslim identity ought to be provided by a mosque or other Islamic establishment.

What are the regulations of Saudi for a US Umrah visa?

An American visa for Umrah is only good for travel within the cities of Medina, Mecca, and Jeddah, as well as between them. These visas cannot be used to live or work in the country. Traveling elsewhere in these authorized zones will result in immigration offenses and penalties.

  • The holy city of Mecca and the areas of Medina that are regarded sacred are off-limits to non-Muslims.
  • Overstayers risk fines of thousands of dollars, incarceration while deportation proceedings are pending, and potential restrictions from going back to Saudi Arabia. 
  • The Saudi authorities forbid taking pictures (still or moving, including cellphone photos) inside the Holy Mosque in Mecca or the prophet Mosque of Medinah.
  • Your gadget will probably be seized if you disobey official orders. Please use common sense and abide by the regulations at each location.
  • Americans living in Saudi Arabia are required to do the Umrah with sponsor organizations that have been authorized via the Saudi government.

Those applying for a visa by choosing all-inclusive umrah packages should confirm that it will not expire on the last day of Ramadan. Holders with Umrah visas are expected to depart before the end of Ramadan and are not permitted to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr in the nation.

How may a US national apply for a visa to Umrah from the US?

Finishing the request is quite easy. Please carefully follow the instructions below:

  • Select the country of origin and destination, choose the necessary visa category, type in your name, and press “CLICK TO START.”
  • Check the rules and regulations and visa fees.
  • Fill out the appropriate form with your basic information, then upload the required files.
  • Check and validate the data in your form, and then continue with the payment. Many travel firms can accept any kind of card for payment.
  • The invoice and an email confirming receipt with a link will be sent to you at your email address.
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