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5 French Window Designs for Appealing Windows

French windows might have been around for over 400 years, but that does not translate to them being old-school. Manufacturers have devised various ways to keep these windows modern and future-proof, a move that has led to the creation of windows that complement modern architecture without looking out of place. Pay more attention to the window when upgrading your home, and watch the transformation.

Here are five French window designs that will make your windows pop:

Best Designs for French Windows

French windows are very popular for maximizing room ventilation. There are various designs to consider when adding pop and colour to your home. Here are the top designs to consider for French windows:

1. Bi-fold French Windows

Although folding French windows are less common, they mostly come in floor-to-ceiling configurations to act as doorways. These windows are worth an investment if you want to improve your curb appeal. French bi-fold windows have three to four panels that fold into each other in a concertina style.

They have aluminium frames preventing them from wearing out due to constant folding and unfolding. The windows are also unique but require more space during installation. They also allow airflow control while maintaining the traditional aesthetics of French windows.

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2. Casement French Windows

Casement French windows are the best for homeowners looking for better functionality than standard window designs. These windows offer more advanced hardware and add a modern appeal to the home with timeless features and options.

The window has two sashes opening outwards for a wider opening. They use cranks for opening the panels to double the amount of ventilation while opening your home to the magnificent views of the outside atmosphere.

3. In-Swing French Windows

In-swing French windows have long been the standard for most residential buildings. This trend has undergone various improvements over the centuries to improve aesthetics and ventilation. In addition, the glass panels still maximize sunlight penetration despite having multiple frame dividers. This window design is ideal for evening relaxation on the patio in breezy weather.

These windows are ideal for conserving the little outward space you might have, and this reflects in the aluminium windows prices. However, they require more inward space to open fully without colliding with adjacent furniture, walls or décor pieces.

4. Sliding French Windows

Sliding French windows are now a trend that no other window types are close to matching. These windows have become popular for offices, homes and any other space that needs an upgrade. This window type has extra-large panels to allow for more light. In addition, it seamlessly connects the house to the outside without taking you out of the house.

These windows also only take up a little space because they fit any window configuration. They also allow ventilation control by sliding the windows to allow a specific amount of opening. To make your window pop and make your house look better, install these windows on a balcony, patio or an adjacent garden.

5. Out-Swing French Windows

Out-swing French windows are the opposite of in-swing windows. These windows are perfect for improving ventilation and lighting in the room. They open outward, meaning they are less of a hindrance in the room and seldom restrict traffic flow. These windows are compatible with residential and commercial buildings.

They only require more outside space, hence can work for smaller spaces. However, when using these windows for the patio side, they need some extra wall to lay on when fully opened.

French windows are versatile, and every homeowner finds new ways to make them look greater on their walls. Further improvement on the designs on this list would easily transform any French window to match the house’s aesthetics. If you are still deciding about your choices, aluminium window suppliers can assist with finding the best solution.

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