Top 6 Material Used for Custom Playing Cards Boxes

Every individual wants luxury and trendy playing cards in this modern world. A famous and classy game like playing cards deserves to look stylish and elegant. The one and only thing that makes it achievable is custom playing cards boxes. These boxes present a wealthy image of the cards and make them durable. Numerous materials for box customization are available to enhance the glimpse of the playing cards and assemble them distinctively. They also increase sales revenue. 

Material Options for Custom Playing Card Boxes

The material is the sole thing that ensures the durability of the box. The sturdy and potent material increases the shelf life of the playing cards. The choice of material is crucial, so select it wisely. Some features of the material must be noticed while customizing it. Here are some qualities of the material that can satisfy and amuse the customers and the retailers as well. Sustainable 

  • Recyclable 
  • Eco friendly 
  • Biodegradable 
  • If the playing cards packaging has these qualities, the chances of product durability and production increase. The playing cards need boxes to preserve and protect them from dampness, dust, and kid’s approach and organize them elegantly. For this purpose, the box can play well and make them presentable. Here are some enchanting materials for the customization of the playing card boxes. 

  • Kraft and cardboard
  • Kraft is a single-color material and is not supposed to be printed because its original appearance looks elegant and decent. This material is lightweight and easy to fold for customization. Cardboard is one of the most famous and common materials for constructing the box for playing cards. Personalized playing card boxes of cardboard are moist and heat absorbent and can keep the cards dry and secure. They both are eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

  • Rigid and wooden
  • Rigid is a luxurious and strong material for the playing card box. It is a sustainable material and holds the weight of the product easily. Its hardest material is mostly chosen for delicate products. This material is competitively expensive but the most durable because of its sturdiness. Wooden boxes look simple and classic for the playing cards boxes. The most solid material of the boxes minimizes the risk of the cards bending and scratching. The precious look of the wooden box elevates its worth further; the lock system can also be customized with the wooden box to keep them completely safe and away from the kid’s approach. 

  • Plastic and leather
  • Plastic is one of the study materials of the box. Plastic cannot bend; that’s why it is the safest material. They can be cleaned easily with the cleanser and are easy to dry. But they are not eco-friendly. The leather box or packaging is flexible and looks antique. These boxes are eco-friendly and biodegradable. They are not made with harsh chemicals that are not good for the environment or the product. 

    Playing Card Boxes Are Affordable

    The retailers want to get the boxes in bulk while manufacturing cards to assemble them in the packaging. The wholesale boxes for the playing cards support the retailer to use them anytime. The playing card boxes wholesale are convenient for the retailer as they are affordable. It can increase profit margins by spending less on the boxes and increase sales. If you are starting a new brand in the market, wholesale boxes also permit you to control the budget.

    Final Thoughts 

    The Custom playing cards boxes can protect and preserve the cards with the organizing ability. The numerous materials in the playing card box can give you support in choosing and customizing the material according to the demands of the customers and the retailers. The wholesale boxes enhance sales and increase the brand’s revenue. 

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