Mussoorie with Munchkins: Revealing Family-Friendly Fun in the Queen of Hills

Hotels and Resorts in Jim Corbett, the enchants not just with its breathtaking vistas but also with its promise of family-friendly fun. Picture little hands clapping at enchanting sights, giggles echoing through crisp mountain air, and memories being woven like warm blankets around shared adventures. But amidst the excitement, choosing the right accommodation is crucial. Worry not, weary parents, for Mussoorie offers a plethora of hotels that cater to the needs of your precious tribe, transforming your trip into a symphony of smiles.

Location Matters:

Before exploring specific hotels, let’s consider the topography. Mussoorie’s various zones offer distinct experiences:

  • Mall Road: Bustling heart of the town, teeming with shops, restaurants, and attractions. Convenient access but crowded and noisy, with limited green spaces.
  • Library End: Quieter stretch of Mall Road, offering a mix of options with glimpses of the valley. Good balance of convenience and tranquility.
  • Camel’s Back Road: Winding uphill from Mall Road, boasting stunning valley views and quieter surroundings, ideal for nature walks and outdoor play.
  • Kempty Fall Road: Nestled near the cascading Kempty Fall, offering budget-friendly options with a touch of nature’s allure. Perfect for families seeking adventure.

Unveiling the Family Havens:

Now, let’s discover hotels that tick all the boxes for a picture-perfect family vacation:

Mall Road Marvels:

  • Jaypee Residency Manor: This sprawling resort features spacious rooms, a dedicated kids’ club, a game room, and an outdoor pool, keeping everyone entertained.
  • Hotel SunGrace: Offering comfortable rooms, a rooftop restaurant with valley views, and a children’s play area, this hotel provides a convenient and fun-filled base for families.
  • Fortune Resort Grace – Member ITC Hotel Group: This modern hotel boasts a kids’ club, a swimming pool, and a playground, along with spacious rooms and delicious buffets, ensuring comfort and entertainment for all ages.

Library End Enchantment:

  • Sterling Mussoorie: This family-friendly resort features spacious rooms, a kids’ club with activities, a playground, and a swimming pool, promising endless fun for the little ones.
  • Mosaic Hotel Mussoorie: This stylish hotel offers comfortable rooms, a rooftop restaurant with stunning views, and a dedicated kids’ menu, catering to both parents’ and children’s palates.
  • Welcomhotel by ITC Hotels, The Savoy: Exuding colonial charm, this hotel features spacious rooms, a kids’ club, and a beautiful garden, offering a touch of history and a serene escape for families.

Camel’s Back Bliss:

  • Yog Wellness Resorts & Spa By Amritara: This holistic resort nestled amidst nature offers family-friendly yoga sessions, nature walks, and a swimming pool, providing a unique and healthy escape.
  • Hotel Pine Retreat Mallroad: This budget-friendly hotel boasts family rooms, a children’s play area, and stunning valley views, offering a comfortable and scenic base for your family adventure.
  • EllBee Mussoorie Hills: This boutique hotel with its cozy rooms, fireplace, and garden, creates a home-like atmosphere, perfect for families seeking a quiet and intimate getaway.

Kempty Fall Fun:

  • Country Inn Premier Pacific Resort, Mussoorie: This resort near Kempty Fall features spacious rooms, a kids’ club, a playground, and an outdoor pool, ensuring hours of entertainment for the whole family.
  • The Oasis Mussoorie – A Member of Radisson Individuals: This modern hotel offers family rooms, a swimming pool, and a kids’ club, along with stunning valley views, making it a perfect blend of comfort and adventure.
  • Ramada by Wyndham, Mussoorie Mall Road: This hotel boasts spacious rooms, a kids’ club, a game room, and a swimming pool, providing ample entertainment for families while being conveniently located near the vibrant Mall Road.

Beyond the Room:

Remember, the magic of Mussoorie lies beyond the hotel walls. Explore the bustling Mall Road with its toy shops and ice cream parlours, take a scenic cable car ride up Gun Hill, or picnic amidst the serene beauty of Company Bagh. Let the kids splash in Kempty Fall, hike through the charming Camel’s Back Road, or enjoy a bonfire under the starry sky. Mussoorie’s rich tapestry of experiences caters to every family’s taste, weaving lasting memories into the fabric of your vacation.


Mussoorie awaits your family with open arms, promising adventures and cherished moments. Choose a hotel that aligns with your location preferences and budget, but remember, the real magic lies in embracing the spirit of exploration together. So, pack your bags, lace up your walking shoes, and embark on a Mussoorie adventure with your munchkins! Let the giggles echo in the mountains, the memories become constellations in your children’s eyes, and the bond of family strengthen with every shared experience. Mussoorie, the Queen of Hills, welcomes you not just as tourists, but as storytellers, weaving a unique tale of fun, laughter, and love in the lap of nature. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth, explore, and create your own Mussoorie family saga!


  • Q: What is the best time to visit Mussoorie with kids?

A: April-May and September-October offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making them ideal for families. Winter can be magical with snow, but be prepared for chilly temperatures and limited activities.

  • Q: Are there any kid-friendly restaurants in Mussoorie?

A: Many restaurants offer kids’ menus and high chairs. Look for cafes with outdoor seating or playgrounds for an extra dose of fun.

  • Q: Are there any babysitting services available in Mussoorie?

A: Some hotels offer in-house babysitting services. You can also inquire with local travel agencies or ask your hotel staff for recommendations.

  • Q: What are some budget-friendly activities for families in Mussoorie?

A: Picnics in Company Bagh, hiking on Camel’s Back Road, exploring Tibetan markets, and enjoying free entertainment on Mall Road are some budget-friendly options.

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