Squid Game Logo in Hidden Sybolisms

The Squid Game Logo is an outline depicting the core philosophy of the game and its ruling elite. The bottom circle represents the poor masses, the upper circle is the ruling occult elite. Gi-hun is the protagonist of the game, and he works for the lower circle of society, stealing money from shady characters.

Background & Meaning

The Squid Game logo utilizes two primary colors – pink and white – which have different metaphorical meanings. The contrasting colors emphasize the stark contrast between the two characters and are meant to reflect the fundamental metaphor of the narrative.

The logo has many hidden symbolism based on the geometric shapes incorporated into it. The shapes resemble a triangle, a square, and a circle. Together, these three shapes stand for hierarchy, responsibility, and will, and have a variety of meanings.

The triangle on top of the logo symbolizes the wealthy elite. The circle at the bottom represents people living in extreme poverty. The two symbols work together to express the philosophy of the Squid Game. These symbols are also seen in the shape of the logo field.


The Squid Game logo is a prime example of hidden symbolism. The shape of the logo is actually the initials of the game’s creator, Ojingeo Geim, and it can be interpreted to symbolize the games in the plot. The Squid Game logo is intentionally kept simple, with no words to explain its meaning.

The game’s henchmen, who act as antagonists, are disguised as squids and wear pink suits. The masks are black and have shapes on them such as a circle, triangle, and square. These henchmen are intended to act as a barrier between players and the killer hosts. However, they don’t add any actual value to the story.

The Squid Game has been around for a long time. The game’s creators have tried to appeal to children, and they have found a way to appeal to their interests. However, many have questioned the game’s motives. The game has a satirical character. It’s almost a caricature of a rich person’s exploitative mentality. The game’s creators hope to turn it into a book.


The Squid Game logo uses two different colors: red and blue. The colors are meant to represent the universe and the duality between light and dark. They also represent the balance between good and evil. Despite this, fans have speculated that the logo represents a class battle.

The Squid Game logo is one of the most obvious examples of symbolism in the series. The Squid logo has three shapes that refer to the letters of the Korean alphabet: the triangle, the letter ‘O’, and the letter ‘J.’ They are also used to represent the various games that are featured in the plot. It is also important to note that the Squid Game logo is intentionally kept simple. In Korean, it stands for Ojingeo Geim, which is a Korean word meaning “squid”.

The colors of the Squid Game logo are also symbolic of division. Red is a symbol of childhood and innocence, but it is also associated with violence. The other colors in the logo are green and pink, which are both bright colors. This contrast helps create an aura of mystery and protect the game from outsiders. It is also recognizable around the world.

Icon symbolism

The Squid Game logo has many hidden symbolism, as well as Easter eggs, which fans of the game have been discovering in the show. For instance, the triangle on top of the logo represents the elite that controls the world, while the bottom circle represents the people in extreme poverty. The shape of the logo field also has meaning in the show.

The symbolism and colors that make up the “Squid Game” logo are very interesting. The colors used in the logo are “complementary” colors, which are colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. This is done to emphasize the stark differences between the characters in the game, as well as the basic metaphor that are at the heart of the game.

Bottom line

Netflix’s new show, “Squid Game,” is on track to become one of the most watched series in history. Already, it has created viral memes and generated conversations about socio-economic issues, including financial debt, the class divide, and addiction. With all this buzz, the show’s logo has received a lot of attention, as well as praise for its art direction. However, you may be wondering what this symbol actually means. To understand this, let’s consider some hidden symbolism of the Squid Game logo.

The Squid Game is based on a legend that tells of an elite group that recruits poor people to engage in deadly games. This concept is reminiscent of the 1924 short story, “The Most Dangerous Game,” about a Russian aristocrat hunting down people. Another example is the 1994 movie, “Surviving the Game,” about a homeless man living in a remote location. Meanwhile, the popular trilogy “Hunger Games” also depicts a world where the poor people are slaughtered by elites to maintain their financial and social status.

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