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How to make original eyeliner looks

If you’re unsure of how to draw your eyeliner looks, there are a few things you can do to make it look original. First, you should relax your face by looking into a mirror and letting your eyes rest. Next, follow the curve of your waterline, starting at the bottom and sweeping upward. This will give you a natural-looking, softer liner look.

Liquid Eyeliner

One way to create a unique eye look with liquid eyeliner is to experiment with different colors. Rather than stick to your standard black and brown shades, you can try vibrant shades of grey and emerald. If you like to play with color, you can also use glitter-flecked eyeliner. 
Before applying the liner, draw a line using the ‘connect-the-dots’ method. Start at the inner edge of the eyelid and move towards the outer corners of the eye. Make sure the liner reaches as close to the lash line as possible. 
Then, use an eyeliner pencil to lay down a liner guide. Once that is done, use a Q-tip or a stiff angle brush to blend it. To make the eyeliner more durable, set it with black eyeshadow. This will not only prevent smudging but also intensify the colour.

eyeliner looks

Eyeliner is a must-have when it comes to makeup. But even makeup gurus sometimes struggle with drawing the perfect line. Drawing a perfect line requires a lot of attention and patience. It can also go wrong easily. Even a slight wobble with one hand could result in an overly-lined smokey eye. Thankfully, there are a few tips to draw a great line without the hassle. 
Make sure to apply the liner with a firm brush. This will prevent the liner from smudging or transferring. Also, set your eyeliner looks with a black eyeshadow. This will not only prevent it from smudging, but will also intensify the colour of the liner.

Pencil Eyeliner

There are several ways to make your eyes look more unique with pencil eyeliner. A little practise can help you achieve the look you want. One way is to draw dots on the lid, then connect them with the pencil tip. This method will help you achieve an a
cat-eye effect. 
Apply the eye liner pencil in short strokes, and be sure to keep it as close to the lash line as possible. The tip of the pencil should extend about two-thirds of the length of the lower lash line. You don’t want to completely line the lower lid because this will make your eyes appear smaller. 
The pencil eyeliner has a wide range of colours and textures, giving you more options when creating eye looks. Choose one that complements your natural eye colour for an appearance that is both natural and enviable. A long-wearing pencil can mimic the intensity of a liquid line without the harshness.

Gel Eyeliner

This unique makeup formula creates precise, long-lasting, and easy-to-apply lines. Its creamy, 1.5mm tip makes it easy to create thin and thick
lines for a variety of eye looks. It doesn’t smudge or turn ashy on the eyes and can be worn all day. The formula also stays in place until you wash it off. 
Gel eyeliner is available in a variety of shades to compliment every eye color. This makes it easy to create winged eyeliner, cat eyes, and other eye looks with ease. 
You can also choose from brown, black, red, or purple-based gel eyeliners to create a unique look. Red-based gel eyeliners are bold and go well with green or blue eyes.

Colored Eyeliner

The key to a striking, eye-catching coloured eyeliner look is to choose the right texture for your skin type. Dry skin prefers creamy, smudgy formulations, while oily skin needs a long-lasting liquid formulation. For oily skin, Urban Decay 24-hour eyeliners PS16 are a great option for nourishing oily skin. These formulas contain vitamin E and cottonseed oil to moisturise and condition the skin. 
If you are intimidated by using coloured eyeliner, start with a soft black pencil. Next,
add the coloured pen. This should be applied right on top of the black liner. You can also smudge the two liners together using a cotton swab to create a richer shade that is closer to black. This effect is great for adding drama to a neutral eye look. 
Remember to pick a shade that goes well with your eyes and outfit.

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