What you should know about bubble tea

If you want to know more about bubble tea, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the drink, and discuss questions like: What kind of milk and tea should you use? And what kind of bubbles are best for your health? As a bonus, you’ll get a few tips for making bubble tea at home, too. You’ll be on your way to enjoying a refreshing cup of bubble tea in no time! 

What is bubble tea?

bubble tea is a popular drink originating in Taiwan. It has since spread throughout China, Australia, and the United States. Bubble tea is a beverage made from tapioca
starch, which gives it a light, sweet flavor. The tapioca pearls, which are smaller than marbles, are usually soaked in a brown sugar syrup before being added to the tea. 
There are several types of bubble tea, including milk, green tea, and boba, a tapioca pearl. The tapioca pearls, or boba, are what give bubble tea its unique name. These pearls are a common addition to bubble tea, but the beverage is also served with other toppings.

 What kind of tea do you use for bubble tea?

There are several different types of tea that can be used to make bubble tea. Some are sweeter than others. Black tea is the traditional choice, but some people prefer other kinds. You can also use green, oolong, or jasmine teas, which are light and refreshing. Pu’er tea, on the other hand, is much more flavorful and has a stronger body than black tea
If you are trying to make bubble tea at home, the first step is to cook the tapioca pearls. You can purchase these pearls online or at an Asian grocery store. Once they are cooked, you can mix them with a small amount of simple syrup. To add more flavour, add flavoured jellies. You can also add a bit of honey to the tapioca pearls to give them a little sweetness.

What kind of milk do you use for bubble tea?

There are a few different types of milk used in bubble tea. There are both dairy and non-dairy milk varieties, and each has its own flavor. For those who are lactose intolerant, a non-dairy milk alternative is a good choice. This type of milk is often thinner than dairy milk and may require more ice. 
You can use granulated sugar or honey to sweeten your bubble milk tea. You can also add tapioca pearls or coconut jelly to your cup. Most bubble tea recipes call for whole milk, although there are cheaper varieties that contain milk powder mixed with water. You can also use soy milk or condensed milk, which are both popular in Asia. Non-dairy milk is also available in many places in the US and Europe. You can also use skim milk, although it won’t be as rich as whole milk.

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