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Juilliard is one of the most prestigious performing arts schools globally, located in New York City. Juilliard Google Reviews Thousands of people apply every year, but only a few are accepted. It can be challenging for those who don’t get into Juilliard to hear about all the things they’re missing out on at this great institution. However, when you look at Juilliard’s Google reviews, some of the complaints might surprise you and make you glad that you’re not attending this school after all! Here are some of the worst Juilliard Google reviews that I found while researching!

The basics

There are two parts to an internet review: what people liked and what they didn’t. When writing your thoughts, be sure to cover both of these aspects. The Juilliard Google reviews gave you a bad grade on how well you detail things, which is an excellent place to start. What else did they like? What didn’t they want? Good topics could include: computer infrastructure on campus, facilities available, housing situation, student support systems, and more. Be specific-mentioned names of buildings or departments (remember those details), but try not to repeat points mentioned in another area of your review-keep it unique!

About the school

Juilliard is often cited as one of, if not THE best, college for performing arts in America. It’s so good that more than 90% of its students get accepted into a professional company. Why do many people talk about Juilliard — both on-campus and online — and why you should read through their Google reviews! The only question is, what exactly will they say? That’s where we come in: we’re here to help you figure out what those Juilliard google reviews have to say by listing out three comments from each study and asking if they’re positive or negative. Ready? Go!

Tuition and scholarships

What do you get when you pay $50,000 a year to school? An education is worth half that price. It’s not easy to lose money on something as important as your children’s education, but it often happens in our country. Read on if you’re considering sending your child to Juilliard and want a better idea of what kind of financial help is available. We’ll break down scholarships and grants by category so you can see what’s available for Juilliard students and determine whether it might be enough financial aid for you.

Campus life

Many people ask about life on campus, so I thought I’d give a quick run-down of some perks. Unlike most other conservatories and significant music schools, Juilliard doesn’t live on one massive campus with multiple buildings. Instead, we are spread out throughout Manhattan—which means we have many more opportunities to interact with our peers and make lifelong friends. Plus, since there is no campus, students don’t have to be students; it feels like everyone is an equal member of an artist community rather than someone who happens to go to school here.

Performing at Carnegie Hall

It’s hard to imagine a more intimidating venue than Carnegie Hall. Even seasoned performers can freeze in its presence. But don’t be nervous: make sure you warm up your voice before you get there, and prepare yourself mentally by focusing on what an honour it is to be playing at one of New York City’s most iconic performance halls. You’ll have fun, as long as you know what to expect beforehand!


Many Juilliard alumni have successful performing careers, but you may be surprised to learn that they also teach. Whether they are instructing kids in an after-school programme or privately coaching a professional performer, what can these former students impart to you? You’ll have to ask them yourself! Luckily, we’ve created a way for you to do just that—search for Juilliard Google reviews on our directory page and learn about instructors near you.

Notable alumni

Music scholar Dr. William Kinderman, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and many others. More than 120 Grammy Award winners have been part of Juilliard’s Vocal Studies program in its history—including renowned singers Jessye Norman, Bobby McFerrin, and Samuel Ramey—plus at least 180 Pulitzer Prize-winning musicians, including composer John Corigliano.

Extra information

Not everyone is a fan of the Juilliard School. Based on our review of Juilliard Google reviews, we see that students tend to have one of two reactions: worst class ever or it was well worth it. What do you think? Let us know in your comments.

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