Double-sided mattress is too soft? How about trying this method! 0 cost to solve the problem of double-sided mattress is too soft!

A brand on mattress care instructions: “new mattress in the first year of use, you can every 2 to 3 months to swap the front and back, or the head and feet swap, left and right swap, so that the various parts of the mattress is evenly stressed, after each half-year flip once.

The partners are not often able to see such a little life trick: every month will be the mattress forward and reverse mutual flip once; or every three months and then fixed flip once.

“Then mistakenly think that the mattress at home can sleep on the front and back, the result of the mattress to sleep collapse ……

Sweetnight sleep experts can tell you that the above information is only telling the little ones how to care for the mattress, not that the mattress can sleep on both sides. Because not all mattresses can sleep on both sides, mattresses are divided into single-sided sleep and double-sided sleep, as well as the high-end mattress without flip.

1.Can flip to sleep!

I believe that many partners in the purchase of mattresses, often see “double-sided can sleep” “AB side” and other words, these refer to the mattress can be used to sleep on both sides.

The mattress is a large household items, handling is very inconvenient, buy back often do not use a year or two to discard (only refers to the whole mattress, roll package removable, etc. not in the scope of discussion), so the double-sided mattress is very necessary.

For example, newlywed couples, just married like to sleep moderate or soft front, when the wife is pregnant or both sides of the weight rise, the front of the soft sleep is not quite suitable, the mattress is not obviously damaged, throwing the strange pity.

If it is a double-sided mattress, then you can turn the mattress over, to sleep harder back to sleep, support will also be enhanced a lot, more in line with the couple after the change of sleep.

Double-sided mattress can be based on their different needs, choose which side to sleep on. It can also be flipped every six months. Because the double-sided design is more humane, taking into account the different needs of different people.

2. Can not flip to sleep!

General mattress under a thousand dollars can only sleep on one side, because this type of mattress construction is simple, either by the pure material composition, front and back are the same; either the bottom on a layer of spring support layer, flip a side people sleep directly on the spring, not only chin people also easy to damage the spring.

3. The mattress to often turn around to sleep?

But whether it is double-sided can sleep or can only sleep on one side of the mattress, as long as it is soft mattress, need 3 months or half a year, so that the mattress first and last swap down.

① in order to have a better sense of sleep.

Mattress if often sleep on one side, the weight of the human body will be the mattress inside the soft material to compact, the other did not sleep much where the material has not been compacted, the natural formation of the human body traces. Human indentation is the normal phenomenon of soft mattresses commonly exist.

The solution, but also very simple. Three months or half a year to the mattress first and last swap down, a new place to continue compaction.

② To extend the service life.

What many of you do not know is that although the mattress is a large household item, but it is a consumable product. A mattress to sleep for life is not scientific, more detrimental to our health!

The filling material inside the mattress, the general life of about 5 years; spring is generally in about 10 years. Sleeping good partners, often only sleep a small area, that part of the mattress materials and springs, day after day, suffer from the pressure exerted by the body, the loss will be higher than other places.

So in order to make the mattress internal materials can be used for a long time, Sweetnight suggested that partners sleep for 3 months or half a year, take the initiative to turn the mattress, so that the mattress can also sleep longer.

In short, in order to mattress can be used for a longer time, it is recommended that small partners buy a mattress, try to choose a double-sided mattress can sleep. Sleeping, also try to do every 3 months or half a year, the mattress first and last swap down.

In addition, the purchase of mattresses also need to pay attention to the choice of different sleeping positions suitable for the mattress, such as the best Mattress for Side Sleepers.

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