Dream Irl,Who is he?That You Should Know

Dream Irl has always been shrouded in mystery. Who is he? What does he do? Is he the founder of Dream Irl Entertainment or just the CEO and owner? These questions have haunted the mind of Dream Irl’s #1 fan, Erin Bautista, who has dedicated her life to finding answers to these questions. Today, after months of following up on leads, conducting interviews with past and present employees, and finally uncovering his birth certificate, we can finally reveal who Dream Irl is!

The Interview

Dream Irl has always kept a low profile online. Although Dream’s videos are incredibly insightful and have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and subscribers, few know anything about who he is. The biggest questions fans have surrounding Dream are ‘Is that his real face?’ and ‘Who does Dream really look like?’ This post will be our official reveal of who Dream Irl is – giving you insight into his life and passion for photography. Stay tuned for part 2, where we dive into each picture from a technical standpoint: how I shot it, what gear was used and how to recreate that specific look in your work!

The Interview with his Parents

Want to know who your child is? We’re all taught that if you love your children, you will always tell them no when they do something wrong. But that doesn’t seem like a very loving or fair thing to do. So how does a parent get their child to open up about who they are and what makes them tick without making them feel interrogated or punished for being themselves? I approached my son, Dream Irl (age 17), and asked him how we could better understand each other as parents and sons.

His Childhood

Dream Irl was born Mark Robert Holliday. He lived in a suburb of Liverpool, England. His father was wealthy because of his inheritance from a family business established at the beginning of the industry. When Dream was 11 years old, his parents divorced, and both of them gained custody over him and his sister Daisy. It turned out to be a rather difficult decision for his mother, but she had no choice but to leave her son with her ex-husband, under whom she had been physically abused before they divorced.

His Teens

The dream started his acting at the age of 13. He had bit parts in several movies and TV shows and appeared in a few commercials before entering High School. Then when He was only 14 years old, His dreams began to come true. In 2003 Dream landed his First Major Role on The WB’s hit show called One Tree Hill, which ran for 9 Seasons. The lead role of Lucas Scott was one of Dream’s dream roles, and He had always wanted to play that role even though His real name was James Lafferty, but his dream came true.

His early 20s

The dream was born in Boston to conservative Jewish parents. His father owned a printing press for local newspapers. Dream’s childhood was pretty standard; he did well in school and wasn’t particularly into basketball. His grades were so good that colleges offered him merit-based scholarships to cover some of his tuition. He attended Tufts University and majored in Film Studies (he wanted to be a director). A couple of years into college, he discovered rap music and made his first mixtape while home on break between semesters during his sophomore year. When Dream went back to Tufts, it wasn’t long before word spread around campus about his mixtapes, and they became popular with many students on campus.

The Story behind Dream Irl

Most people don’t know who Dream Irl is. Is it even a man? Or something else entirely? Dream Irl has always remained an enigma – everyone knows about him, but no one knows him.

The Story Behind the Name

An old college roommate once described himself as a Dreamer, believer and doer. However, I can’t say that I’ve ever been able to hold one of those titles at any point in my life with any proper consistency. But I have always dreamed… of fame and fortune (specifically in that order). With that thought in mind, let’s go ahead and jump into things by starting with a bit of backstory…

What’s next for dream irl?

Dream IRL’s fans have been dying to know what’s next for their icon. Are we about to get a new EP or even a mini-album from Dream IRL? Or could it be that dream irl will finally be releasing a full-length album of his own?! And who is he anyway?? While some say they know him personally and swear they’ve seen him walking around at college with his guitar on campus, others say that it’s all talk and there are no pictures of him. Can you figure out who the dream girl really is, or did you already give up years ago? You might want to keep trying because, in 2018, dream irl will finally reveal his long-awaited face and bring us some new music!

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