5 SEO Tips to Elevate User Experience

Search Engine Optimization and User Experience go hand in hand:

Both search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UX) share the same goal of keeping users happy and satisfied. While the aim of search engine optimization is to make relevant content easily accessible to the users, user experience focuses more on ensuring that users get what they are looking for once they visit the site. You can elevate user experience by creating content that is relevant, useful, and also engaging for the users. Search engines like Google also rank those websites higher that provide quality content.

In this article, we will discuss more on this topic and find out the relevance of user experience.

What are UX elements?

User Experience or UX design is an idea that has been conceptualized to make websites more user-friendly. It’s about providing the best possible service to the customers. Say, for example, if a user visits your page with a query, your page should be able to satisfy the user. For that you need to make sure that your content is easy-to-read, interesting, and also has all the necessary data that answers all the user queries.

The necessary elements of a good UX design are:

  • Mobile friendly designs.
  • Pages that are fast loading.
  • Easy navigation facility.
  • Supports Interactive.
  • Provides content that matches user intent.

What are the 5 easy ways of improving user experience?

1. Make content that meets the need of the users.

Many people believe that SEO is just about attracting traffic. Although more clicks can increase your page’s visibility, if you are not producing good quality content you will not be able to retain a good number of customers in the long run. Therefore, you need to create content that greatly satisfies user intent. Think from the user perspective, understand what the users are looking for. While someone visits your pages, make sure that you give them the best experience. For example, if someone is searching “how to make pastries at home?”, it means that they are not just looking for the recipe, but a full-on tutorial. Therefore, to elevate user experience you briefly describe the a to z of the whole cooking process. Also add a video along with the description to engage your users.

2. Loading speed

No matter how good your content is, if your page takes forever to load it will leave the users disappointed. Slow speed can frustrate users and it might even prompt them to visit

another page instead of waiting for your page to load. Given below is a guide on how you can improve your page’s speed:

  • Use compressed images and choose the right format. Big pictures take time to load, and it can slow down your page.
  • Make sure you save some parts of your website to the user’s browser. This will improve user experience because they won’t need to download the whole thing every time they visit your site.

3. Your page should be mobile friendly.

These days users are mostly looking up stuff on their mobile phones instead of using laptops and computers. Therefore, making your page mobile friendly is crucial for providing good user experience. Optimize your website’s screen size to match the screen of mobile phones. Make sure the font size you are selecting matches mobile screens so that your users don’t need zoom in to read the content.

4. Smooth navigation

To ensure easy navigation throughout your site you need to customize your page in this way:

  • Add a search bar.
  • Construct a clear and crisp navigation menu.
  • Organize your pages in the right order.
  • Make the structure SEO friendly so that search engines can understand your content better.

5. Offer interaction with users.

If users are interacting with your site, that means that they are interested in the content you are uploading and also you are providing a good service. A good amount of user interaction signals search engines that your website is relevant. This is how you can improve the ranking of your site along with improving user experience. You encourage users to interact more with your page, add fun quizzes at the end. This is a great way of increasing user engagement.


Elevate user experience with Digitrock.When you add UX designs to SEO techniques, you have the complete recipe for maximum success. User experience not just boosts ranking on SERPs but also makes sure your site always stays on top. Its primary aim is to delight your users. Customer satisfaction will only add more value to your online business. Digitrock is a leading SEO company in Mumbai that can give you the best SEO tips to elevate user experience.

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