How To Successfully Sell Old Gold Jewellery Online?

As a financial emergency strikes, many individuals resort to gold. An increasing number of individuals sell their gold jewellery to cover expenses like paying for hospitalisation, rent, utilities, etc. 

Selling old gold jewellery has never been easier thanks to technological advancement. There is no longer a need for people to sell goods at pawn shops.

There are various gold buyers online to whom individuals can sell valuable items and get instant cash.

How to sell old gold jewellery online?

Ensuring people obtain the best price before selling their gold is crucial. Examining the market price according to the metal’s weight and purity is one way to ensure that its gold is not being devalued.

1. Find the right buyer 

One must find the right gold buyers online to sell old gold jewellery online successfully. A person must research the right buyer online, compare buyers, check their reviews online, etc. 

Choose a gold buyer with a solid reputation who pays the maximum price for the gold.

Choose Muthoot Gold Point’s Mobile Van service if you want to sell gold online at your doorstep. 

The entire gold selling procedure is hassle-free with Muthoot Gold Point; the weight, purity, and rate of gold are all verified using cutting-edge technology. The process of valuing gold is carried out in transparency in front of sellers, guaranteeing absolute efficiency, and they ensure that sellers receive the best price as soon as possible.

2. Determine the purity 

A gold seller needs to check the purity of their gold if they wish to sell it for the highest price. 

Check the scale’s accuracy when calculating purity. One can check to see if the gold items they own are hallmarked.

Muthoot Gold Point’s Mobile Van visits gold sellers at their doorstep, thus avoiding the hassle for the sellers to visit the shop to examine the purity of the gold. 

The gold will be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaning system, and advanced machines will be used to gauge its purity. 

With a gold price calculator, sellers can easily estimate the price of their gold. 

3. Check the market price

Finding out how much their possessions are worth is what people need to do next. 

Pure gold is generally more expensive than impure gold. The object’s worth increases with the amount of pure gold it contains.

With Muthoot Gold Point’s Mobile Van service, gold sellers can quickly sell their gold at the current market price.

4. Get the maximum value 

When sellers know the gold’s purity and market price, they can receive the maximum value for their gold item. 

With Muthoot Gold Point’s Mobile Van, weighing and XRF machines give the exact weight and purity of the gold, which ensures maximum value for one’s gold. 

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5. Get instant money 

Once all the steps are completed, sellers can get instant money for their needs with reputable buyers. 

With Muthoot Gold Point, sellers can instantly get up to Rs. 10,000 cash at the spot, and the remaining amount will be transferred online. 


Anyone with a precious item, such as gold jewellery, may be incredibly dedicated to it and only sell it when they are in a financial emergency.

However, even if people need cash for gold, they must still consider its worth, purity, when to sell it, etc.

And last, it is crucial to remember that when people sell gold, they are effectively doing so as a commodity. Thus, they are advised to pick reliable gold buyers online who can provide them with the greatest price as soon as possible.With a gold price calculator, sellers can also estimate the price of their gold.

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