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Raw uncut diamonds are mesmerizing gems that showcase the pure beauty of nature. These diamonds are untouched by any polishing process and are sourced directly from the earth. They offer a unique and raw aesthetic that is highly sought after in the world of jewelry. If you’re in search of these extraordinary gems, look no further than our exclusive collection of raw uncut diamonds for sale.

The Allure Of Raw Uncut Diamonds

Raw uncut diamonds possess a mesmerizing allure that distinguishes them from their polished counterparts. Their natural and untouched appearance not only showcases their origins but also makes them a preferred choice among discerning jewelry designers and collectors. The distinct shapes and textures of raw uncut diamonds effortlessly infuse a sense of intrigue and individuality into every jewelry piece they adorn.

Unlike traditional polished diamonds, raw uncut diamonds retain their true form as they are sourced directly from the earth. This rawness creates an unmatched charm and authenticity that cannot be replicated. The untamed beauty of these diamonds lies in their imperfections and unique characteristics, making each stone truly one-of-a-kind.

The allure of raw uncut diamonds lies in their ability to evoke a connection with nature. The untouched beauty of these diamonds symbolizes the untamed force of the earth, and wearing them allows individuals to carry a piece of the natural world with them. It is this connection with nature that resonates with jewelry enthusiasts and drives the increasing popularity of raw uncut diamonds.

Additionally, the allure of raw uncut diamonds extends to the creative possibilities they offer to jewelry designers. The organic shapes and textures of these diamonds open doors to innovative and unconventional designs. The ability to incorporate these unique stones into jewelry designs allows for the creation of truly extraordinary pieces that stand out from the crowd.

The captivating allure of raw uncut diamonds has made them a coveted choice for those seeking jewelry with a distinctive blend of natural beauty and individuality. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a pendant, or a pair of earrings, the allure of raw uncut diamonds adds an enchanting touch to any jewelry collection.

A Rainbow Of Colors

If you’re seeking a vibrant and colorful addition to your jewelry collection, our assortment of raw uncut diamonds presents an array of captivating hues. While white diamonds have their timeless charm, you may be drawn to the allure of colored diamonds that offer a unique and extraordinary touch. From delicate champagne and warm cognac tones to striking deep blues and rich pinks, our collection showcases the beauty of diamonds in a rainbow of colors.

Each colored diamond possesses its own personality and character, allowing you to create truly remarkable pieces that stand out from the crowd. Whether you envision a colorful cocktail ring or a mesmerizing pendant, our selection of raw uncut diamonds in varied hues will provide the perfect centerpiece for your design.

Rough Diamond Pricing

Rough diamond pricing is influenced by various factors, including carat weight, color, clarity, and overall quality. The price of raw uncut diamonds can range from as low as $18.00 per carat for single stones to starting at $3.50 per carat for parcels. However, it’s important to note that pricing ultimately depends on the specific characteristics and rarity of the diamond.

When it comes to rough diamond pricing, carat weight plays a significant role. The larger the carat weight, the higher the price. Additionally, the color and clarity of a rough diamond can also impact its price. Diamonds with higher color grades and greater clarity tend to be priced higher due to their rarity and desirability.

Furthermore, the overall quality of a rough diamond, including factors such as polish, symmetry, and proportions, can affect its price. Diamonds that exhibit exceptional quality and craftsmanship are often priced at a premium.

It’s worth noting that rough diamond pricing can fluctuate based on market conditions and industry trends. As the demand for rough diamonds increases or decreases, it can impact the prices offered.

When considering the pricing of rough diamonds, it’s essential to consult with reputable and trusted diamond dealers who can provide accurate and transparent pricing information. They have the expertise to evaluate the characteristics and value of rough diamonds and can guide you in making informed purchasing decisions.

Factors Influencing Rough Diamond Pricing:

Carat weight



Overall quality

Considerations When Pricing Rough Diamonds:

The Process Of Grading Rough Diamonds

The grading of rough diamonds is a meticulous and specialized process that takes into account various factors such as shape, size, color, and clarity. At our company, we have honed our expertise in grading rough diamonds and have developed a proprietary rough diamond grading terminology. This terminology is intuitive and self-explanatory, making it easier for our clients to understand the quality and value of the raw uncut diamonds they are purchasing.

When grading rough diamonds, our experienced gemologists carefully examine each diamond to determine its unique characteristics. They assess the shape of the diamond, whether it is a traditional octahedron, a more unusual rough, or a unique shape that requires customized evaluation.

The size of the diamond is also considered during the grading process. Our gemologists measure the diamond’s dimensions and analyze its carat weight to determine its market value.

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