Google’s March 2024 Core Updates: 5 Things You Need to Know

Google is the no 1 search engine in all popular search engine, ruling the internet for more than 20 years now. It constantly keeps updating its algorithms. A google core update means making extensive and diverse alterations in the search algorithm that causes visible change in search results.

An introduction to Google’s March 2024 core updates:

The latest core update brings in multiple changes, mostly directing the focus towards Organic Search Performance. That means, Google will now judge content based on quality. Instead of relying on singular indicators, March 2024’s update entails depending on multiple signals to judge whether content matches user intent. Simply put, genuine content will rank higher than those with clickbait. Content creators should be aiming at serving excellent user experience, otherwise they will see major drops in terms of ranking.

March 2024 Core Update Brought 5 Major Changes

Eliminating Poor Quality Web Pages:

Google wants to eliminate contents that are not original or don’t serve user intent. Google’s core update aims at improving its ranking mechanisms, so that it can judge quality of the web pages more accurately. This will help in reducing the rate of low-quality content while driving maximum traffic to valuable contents. According to research, it has been estimated that this change will result in a 40% reduction of unauthentic content from appearing in search results.

Immediate Action Will be Taken To Combat Low Quality Content:

Google’s March 2024 Core Update will come up with advanced spam restrictions to detect and limit low-quality content. Contents that are unoriginal and useless will be blocked from appearing in the search results. Google has taken strict measures to satisfy customers by providing relevant materials. The sites that have been hosting third party materials will now face deindexing and may have to pay penalties. Admins and page owners should check if the content they are publishing is following Google’s guidelines.

Content Quality Will Not Depend on Previous Rankings:

This year’s update has significantly changed the ranking game and introduced new methods of judging web pages. The previous methods will not be implemented anymore to rank contents. Poor content that used to rank high will experience a subsequent drop in rankings. This change will push content creators to provide relevant content in order to achieve noticeable online presence and higher position in search results.

No Errors Are Allowed:

Google has shown utmost dedication to provide the best service for its customers by improving search results. The algorithm will now detect those pages that are publishing duplicate content or have other issues related to SEO service. Web pages that fail to match the standard demanded by Google now will be penalized. All these approaches have been taken to ensure search results offer maximum customer satisfaction.

Even Minor AI Contents Are Facing Penalties:

There are some sites that heavily depend on AI generated content. Those web pages will vanish completely from Google’s index. The renowned and well-established sites that used to top  digital market due to over dependency on machine generated content will now have no place in Google’s search results. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk your online business do not use AI generated content. Even content that is slightly similar to AI content will face a penalty for publishing thin content. Minor AI content means minor offence and that lack authenticity.


With the march 2024 core update, admins and web page owners are required to adhere to the rules and guidelines announced by Google. This practice will ensure contents that are available online are user-centric and genuine. Google’s March 2024 Core Update will not only reduce the number of poor content but will also help relevant and useful contents to achieve higher ranks.

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